I'm Emma.

Writing and editing from my home base in Chicago, I'm Imbibe Magazine's Digital Content Editor and author of Mezcal: The History, Craft and Cocktails of the World's Ultimate Artisanal Spirit (coming July 2017 on Voyageur Press).

Recent Work

Shacksbury Cider

The Vermont company blends Old World and modern techniques for a truly unique take on American cider.

Meet Sotol

If you like mezcal, chances are you’ll find a new favorite in sotol. Get to know Mexico’s other indigenous spirit.

Cariñena Wine

I traveled to Spain to explore one of the country’s lesser-known wine regions and its favorite local grape.

I wrote a book! I’ve long been captivated by the beauty and depth found in mezcal, so I fully immersed myself in the history, production, and culture surrounding Mexico’s most diverse spirit to bring you this modern and practical guide. With stories from Oaxacan palenques and American mezcalerias, the book covers production details, modern history, a tasting guide and, yes, you guessed it—a collection of crazy good cocktail recipes. Pre-order the book on amazon, and find more goodies about the book itself here.
The Scoop
Emma Janzen is a journalist, editor and photographer specializing in all things drinks and design. Currently the digital content editor for James Beard Award-winning publication Imbibe Magazine, her work has also appeared in PUNCH, Bon Appetit, Food Republic, Dwell and more. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two tuxedo cats.
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