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I conjure up ideas, and determine the best ways to bring them to life. Every day I work on seeing the world around me, digging up compelling stories, and refining the way I present them to the world. The written word, photography, and moving images are my tools. Here you will find (hopefully) all you need to know about who I am and what I do.

Do I look familiar to you?

You might have seen my work in print: Draft Magazine, The Austin American-Statesman, Texas Architect Magazine, Design Bureau Magazine and Alarm Magazine. Or perhaps you read my work online: PUNCH, TableMatters.com, Serious Eats and Food Republic.

What I do.

  • • Idea generation
  • • Concept development
  • • Project management
  • • Writing
  • • Photography
  • • Editing
  • • Videography

Find me.

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